Rice Hulls - 30 Cu. Ft. Tote

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Organic Status:
OMRI & WSDA Listed

A 30 Cu Ft tote is about 710 lbs.  

Also available as a Full Pallet with 3 Totes50 lb Bags, and as a Full Pallet of 50 lb Bags. Call for a shipping quote. 800-540-9181

This parboiled rice hull is a renewable resource that is a good alternative to perlite and vermiculite as well as being less dusty. Parboiled rice hulls have a pH near neutral to slightly alkaline. However, because of their low cation-exchange capacity, they have little effect of the substrate pH. 

  • Excellent drainage and moisture retention capacity.
  • Will not tie up nitrogen.
  • Free from weed seed.  
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Use as needed.
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