Summer Maxx Cover Crop Seed Mix

Summer Max Mix 5 lb

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SORGHUM/SUDAN + MILLET + BUCKWHEAT + SUNN HEMP + NON-GMO SOYBEANS - (Sorghum/sudan~ 15%, millet ~15%, buckwheat~30%, sunn hemp ~10%, soy beans ~30%)

Full-season cover crop mix blended for maximum summer growth, weed suppression & soil building. Vigorous combination of annual grasses, broadleaves & legumes. Will compete with any weed and create superior biomass yields. Ideal for summer fallow soil building, prevent plant acres or as a diverse forage mix. Control mix at first sign of buckwheat/sunn hemp flowers to prevent volunteer seed. Introduce grazing animals slowly to Sunn Hemp-heavy stands. Also available in 50 lb bags  (Photo not necessarily representative of this specific mix)

Seeding Rate: Plant after all danger of frost has passed in the summer; May 30th - August 15th. Plant 50-75 lbs/acre
Certificates - NA
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