Sunn Hemp - Crotalaria Juncea VNS - 1 lb Bag

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Tall-growing, vigorous, warm-season annual legume with tremendous biomass potential. Superior N-Fixing potential. Quick growing & loves heat, very drought tolerant. Has potential to put on 5,000 lbs biomass in as little as 60 days. Widely adapted to varied soil types including droughty sands, low fertility & low OM soils. Plant after soil temperatures are >65°F. Drill or broadcast June 1st - July 15th depending on the area you live. The leaves are a very high protein. Close to 20%. When plants have achieved a sufficient height you can let your animals in to graze. When the leaves are all picked off, remove the animals and allow the Sunn Hemp to regrow. Should take about 2-3 weeks to get new leaves. Then animals can be let in to graze a second time. Terminate crop at first flower to avoid development of fibrous, hard to manage stalks.

Also available in a 50 lb Bag

Before planting we recommend inoculating the seed first with our Exceed Inoculant. Plant at 15-20 lbs/acre straight, 4-8 lbs/acre in a mix
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