Super Greensand Granular - 44 lb Bag

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This item is no longer available refer to our newest greensand which is coming in 2021, Info HERE

Our newest greensand. Contains potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, totaling 68 minerals and trace elements, improves chemical, physical and biological conditions of the soil as well as the moisture and nutrient retention capacity of the soil. Greensand also helps to loosen compacted clay soils. This 570 million year old mineral is 100% natural organic Glauconite that comes from Brazil. It is 10% total potassium content that is soluble. Boosts plant nourishment, remineralizes the soil and increases the soil’s capacity to retain water and nutrients. Contains silicon an essential element for plant cells. Granular is SGN 141 - 400. The Verde Agritech company has a unique carbon offset program for this product. 

Cannabis Growing: 7 reasons you should feed Super Greensand® to your weed:

Provides slow-release potassium and 68 different trace minerals to your plants. It also improves drainage and moisture retention of the soil which helps to Provide nutrition for plants and the microbial life in the soil. This product has no salt nor chlorine in it and it is rich in silicon, which improves the natural resistance of plants against pests and diseases.

Lawns: Use 44 lbs per 1000 square feet. Water thoroughly. Flowers & Vegetables: Use 10 lb/1000 sq’. Roses & Shrubbery: Use 20 lb/1000 sq’. Citrus & Trees: Spread under tree canopy at the rate of 10 lb/1000 sq’. Work into soil and water thoroughly. Field crops: Use 100-300 lbs/acre. For annual maintenance, use 50-200 lbs/acre or according to needs based on soil quality.Spread Super Greensand® evenly over the entire area.Works best when Super Greensand® is incorporated into the soil before seeding or planting.
Old – New Comparison- As for example, New Jersey’s Greensand is a sandy sedimentary rock composed of glauconite, quartz and carbonates and phosphates with grain size measuring between 64 microns and 2 millimeters. The glauconite grains range from 1 millimeter to submicron. Super Greensand® is a silty-clayed sedimentary rock composed of glauconite, quartz, potassium felsdspar, muscovite, and minor quantities of biotite, goethite, titanium and manganese oxides, phosphate and rare-earth elements phosphate, with particle size measuring between 4 microns and 64 microns (micronized). The glauconite grains generally measures below to 3 microns. The mineral responsible for the green color of the two rocks is glauconite. Ordinary Greensand has twice more iron than Super Greensand® which gives it a darker greenish color. Super Greensand® Micronized has less iron but twice more potash than ordinary Greensand.
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