Tennessee Brown Phosphate - 50 lb Bag

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Organic Status:
OMRI Listed

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: *TENN BROWN PHOS (0-3-0) is hygroscopic with a moisture % of 10-12% and will be damper in rainy or high humidity conditions. Material will not get sticky or dry to hard clods. It will spread with a spinner cart when on the dryer side but may require a wet lime spreader if conditions are very damp. Note: This product has a finer consistency, closer to that of a powder. BENEFITS: Increases photosynthesis; increases forage quality; increases Brix giving insect and disease resistance & added test weight; excellent for microbial stimulation including mycorrhizial formation on roots. Excellent calcium source – 20% - and for composting operations to increase available trace minerals – see sidebar: shown in ppm or %.

TN BROWN PHOS is derived from washing piles left from mining high grade ore to make Super Phosphate or Triple Super Phosphate for agricultural purposes. It is not a colloidal nor a hard rock but rather a unique Reactive Rock source of natural phosphate with NOP certification for organic use. Lab tests show an average content of 23% P2O5. Compared to other phosphate sources test show it to contain the least amount of heavy metal contaminants. 

7-analysis.jpg Mesh Specs- DRY SCREENING: 4 Mesh 97% 16 Mesh 78% 50 Mesh 31% 100 Mesh 13% 200 Mesh 3%
APPLICATION: It can be applied anytime on any type of soil and does not require low pH’s to release. Typical application rates are from 300 to 500+ lbs/A. Larger rates are possible thereby creating semipermanent phosphate reserves that will not leach or tie-up calcium.

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