TerraNeem EC - 1 Quart

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TerraNeem - Higher concentration of neem oil and 0.4% azadirachtin, effective results!

84.9% Cold Pressed Neem Oil. TerraNeem EC is a concentrated, unrefined neem oil and is highly effective against a wide range of pests and diseases. TerraNeem EC is an excellent multi-purpose material that can be used to prevent diseases and repel or eliminate pests. Cold pressing of the neem keeps the full spectrum of active compounds (including 0.4% azadirachtin) intact and working in synergy.

Also available in a 1 Gallon Bottle

For insects and mites use 0.5-1.5% (0.6-1.9 oz/gal).  For foliar disease prevention use 1-1.5% (1.3-1.9 oz/gal).  For soil applications (root diseases and nematodes) use 1-2% (1.3-2.6 oz/gal).

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