Thyme Guard - Quart

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WSDA Listed

Thyme Guard oil is 25(b) Exempt so you can use on Hemp crops!

23% Thyme oil extract Essential oil extracted from thyme. Thyme Guard is an organic, broad spectrum, contact and systemic bactericide, fungicide and insecticide for use in all crops. A unique molecular structure makes Thyme Guard effective with a low risk of resistance. Persistent for up to 20 days. Highly effective against diseases such as Botrytis, Fusarium, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew and many others. Also has insecticidal effects on sucking insects like, psyllid, spider mite, scale and whitefly.

Also available in a 1 Gallon Bottle

Use rates of 0.125% (0.16 oz/gal) to 0.25% (0.32 oz/gal) for young plants and up to 0.5% (0.64 oz/gal) for mature plants.  Do not use at rates above 0.5%.

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