Vermont Compost Jolly Roger Potting Mix - 60 Qt Bag

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Organic Status:
Certified VOF by NOFA-VT

new-web.jpgThis potting soil made by Vermont Compost Company is specifically crafted for container cultivation of cannabis and hemp cultivars that have high nutrient requirements.  Jolly Roger contains ample fertility to carry fast-growing annuals from a vigorous vegetative phase through a bountiful finish.  You can expect excellent yields by accomplishing sufficient root space; so growers are encouraged to use containers appropriately sized to accommodate a root volume as large as the plant they hope to grow. 
     Blended from composted manure and plant materials, blonde horticultural grade sphagnum peat moss, crushed and screened granite/basalt blend, blood meal, kelp meal, steamed bone meal, mined gypsum, vermiculite (a mica mineral expanded by fire), washed coconut coir, herbs (biodynamic preparations).

*Note:  Jolly Roger is not recommended for cloning or germination.

Prep For Use: Wet product with warm water a few hours prior to planting or soil blocking. This allows the soil to stabilize and prevents soil from washing out of pots or trays.
Handling: Avoid drastic changes in moisture/saturation. Store under cover, out of direct sunlight. Protect from weed seed, petroleum products, and other contaminants.
Supplemental Fertility: Usually, no additional fertility is required. If roots have filled the container and fertility is needed, top-dress with Compost Plus and water in.
Storage and Shelf Life: Store in a neutral environment which encourages moisture retention and protects from UV light. For optimal performance of living soil we suggest using it within 8-12 months from date of purchase.
Suitability for Certified Organic Production
All ingredients used in Vermont Compost products have been approved for certified organic production. Our composting process meets the National Organic Program(NOP) standard requirements and our products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT. Letter for Certifier Here

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