WeedSlayer Non-Selective Herbicide - 2 x 1 Gallon Kit

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new-web.jpgSTOP using carcinogenic herbicides and START using natural effective herbicides like WeedSlayer!

An organic, non-selective, systemic herbicide made from Eugenol (an essential oil of cloves) and molasses. WEEDSLAYER can be used to control grasses and weeds. Excellent weed control in a week to 10 days. No persistent toxicities; ok to plant crops shortly after application.

Also available in a Quart Kit and a 2.5 Gallon Kit

Label Part A6-label-template-copy.jpg Label Part B 6-label-template-copy.jpg

Spray solution pH must be below 4. Use 1 qt part A + 1 qt part B in 25-50 gal water per acre (0.6 oz each part per gal water) 


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