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On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
CFSA Lomax Farm Field Day

CFSA Lomax Farm Field Day

We recently joined a group of about 35 Carolina veggie growers who got together to tour Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s Lomax farm in Concord, NC.  

The tour started out in the greenhouse, where Joe and Dylan discussed their germination setup and process, the potting mixes they use, and the importance of getting plants off to a timely, healthy start.  

After leaving the greenhouse we toured the fields, checked on the progress of several crops, and discussed some of the farm's management practices and considerations, and how these things may differ on other farms. Rows of ripe bell peppers in the middle of May were a good testament to Dylan's greenhouse skills and experience. 

We then retreated to the shade, where we received some thorough instruction from Cassidy on cleaning and sanitation methods and protocols, record keeping, and the importance of these things as they relate to food safety. 

Next we toured a high-tunnel to hear about a SARE-funded cucumber trial that's aimed at helping growers choose the best cucumber varieties and trellis types. Cucumber growers should consider attending the upcoming cucumber trial field day at Seven Seeds Farm, and keep an eye out for the results of the trial in the winter.

We wrapped up with some hula-hooping and jumping through sprinklers while playing all our 80's favorites on the boom box. Just kidding. We wrapped up with Jay's talk on the importance of postharvest handling and storage temperatures for shelf life and produce quality before we tasted several (delicious) cucumber varieties.

A big thanks to the stellar staff at CFSA for all of their efforts and for sharing their expertise! 

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The CFSA Team - May 31, 2024

Y’all are the best — thank you for joining us at Lomax, and for sharing this wonderful recap of your experience! The CFSA team is so grateful for our ongoing partnership with Seven Springs. We’ll make a note to bring the boom box next time… :)

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