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On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
Teaming Up - Future Harvest

Teaming Up - Future Harvest

Early in 2022 we met with the talented team at Future Harvest to discuss how we could better support their organization and their goals.

Future Harvest's Mission Statement begins with the three-part goal "to advance agriculture that sustains farmers, communities, and the environment" - goals that we share.

Beginning in 2023, we will be partnering with Future Harvest by promoting, attending and presenting at their annual conference, hosting a series of cooperative purchasing opportunities, sponsoring and attending field days, participating in their consulting program, sponsoring organization memberships, offering discounts to members, and sharing news and resources.   

We encourage you to read more about Future Harvest and what they do, and if you're in the region, please consider attending their annual conference.   

Some of the programs that Future Harvest offers include:

  • The Pick-Your-Own Consultant Program was launched in 2021 and works to connect farmers with the consultant of their choice, providing them with the opportunity to strengthen their business and address challenges with the support of in-depth, free-for-the-farmer discussions with experts. Program applicants are invited to identify their top two priorities for working with a consultant and choose the consultant they are most interested in working with. Topics farmers have requested range from improved marketing plans and financial record-keeping systems to creating nutrient management plans and enhanced soil fertility regimes. 
  • The Beginner Farmer Training Program (BFTP) is a 12-month immersive training experience that combines a comprehensive classroom curriculum with hands-on learning at some of the region’s leading sustainable farms. There are three training levels, designed to meet the specific needs of beginning farmers at different stages in their careers. This is a region-wide program, open to beginning farmers in  MD, VA, DE—including the Delmarva Peninsula—and DC, WV, and PA. This includes training in diverse operation types: vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, herbs, and livestock in urban, peri-urban, and rural farm settings.
  • The Field School consists of a series of educational programs offered throughout the year. Future Harvest partners with the leading farmers, researchers, and technical service providers in the Chesapeake region to offer hands-on learning and skills building opportunities, professional development opportunities, and exposure to the latest research and trends in agriculture. Their programs follow a farmer-to-farmer learning model and are conducted through a variety of formats: field tours, hands-on days, intensives, panel discussions, and webinars. All experience levels are welcome to engage in our on-farm events, webinars, and workshops.

To learn more about Future Harvest please visit their website and keep up-to-date on events by following along on social!

Instagram/Facebook - @fhcasa

If you are a Future Harvest member you receive a 7% off discount on your purchase with us. Please give us a call and mention that you are a Future Harvest member to find out more (800)540-9181

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