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On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.

Pest Out - Natural Pesticide - 32 oz

  • Organic Status - OMRI Listed


Pest Out is a safe, long lasting organic pest control that can protect your crops all season, up to and including the day of harvest. This natural miticide and insecticide provides excellent control on pests such as mites, thrips, and aphids. The natural oils in this product are toxic to pests and utilize other unique modes of action to control difficult pests. Pest Out is less harmful to beneficial fauna than most other insecticides. Pest Out has shown the ability in independent, replicated field and greenhouse trials to control mite populations for 3-4 weeks with a 1% spray solution. Pest Out is applied as a foliar spray and should be a great addition to a well managed IPM program.

Pest Out is made of 40% Cottonseed Oil, Clove Oil 20%, and Garlic Oil 10%. It will not leave an odd taste.

Not for sale in the following states: Alaska, Connecticut, Iowa, New Mexico, and West Virginia

Pest Out is a FIFRA 25b exempt pesticide (Rule 40 CFR 152.25).

Check to make sure product is registered in your state. Click here for links to check product registration.

Shake well before use. May separate in storage. Mix 1.5 oz. (3 tablespoons) of Pest Out per gallon of spray water. Apply enough to cover the entire surface of infested plant. Repeat application at 7-10 day intervals or as needed. Coverage is essential to establish control. The use of a spreader/sticker may increase efficacy of treatment.

CAUTION: Pest Out® contains oil and may leave marks on some fruits, especially pears. Test the product in small area before spraying large areas.

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