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On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.

HOMEPLATE Non-Selective Herbicide - 2.5 gal

  • Organic Status - OMRI Listed


Homeplate is a fast-acting, non-selective, broadleaf, grass, algae and moss killer made from a blend of caprylic and capric fatty acids. Homeplate is an effective, contact/non-systemic, burndown herbicide. Works best in warm, dry conditions. Safe to use in cultivated areas prior to planting. It can be used as a vegetation burndown, directed and shielded sprays, pre-plant application, post-harvest spray (annual crops), sucker control, pruning and trimming, harvest aid and desiccation. See label for recommendations based on crop.

24-hour re-entry (REI); 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI); residue (MRL)-exempt; CAUTION signal word.

Check to make sure product is registered in your state. Click here for links to check product registration.

Rates: 3 - 9% solution. 3.84 - 11.52 fl oz/gallon. Use lower rates for smaller weeds less than 5" tall.

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Customer Reviews

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Cheri B.
Game changer

Being organic I've had to steer clear of herbicides that worked well, and have found organic solutions ineffective against our Gulf Coast weeds. Then I found Homeplate--it has been a game changer in keeping weeds at bay in our blueberry field. Between munching and application of Homeplate, the fields look great and the plants are thriving.