Monterey Garden Insect Spray (Spinosad) - 1 Gallon

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A mixture of Spinosad A & D, 0.5% . Contains 0.05 lbs of active ingredients per gallon. Derived from a fermentation process. For use in vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lawns, and ornamentals. Controls: Colorado potato beetles, corn borers, ants, fire ants, beetles, caterpillars, worms, fleas, leafminers, spider mites, thrips, codling moth, Japanese beetles and other insects.  

Also available in 1 Pint Bottle and 1 Quart Bottle

2 oz to one gallon of water.
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    Fruit Tree Spray

    Posted by Pat on 25th Apr 2017

    I have used this product for several years for the control of Codling moths on apple trees. Its cost and limitation on the number of times it can be used in a season prevent it from being a perfect solution for eliminating Codling moth larva holes in my apples. I use it because I don't know of anything else that is a better solution.

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