Nordox 75 WG - 12.5 lb Bag

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Copper spray from 83.9 % Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) = to 75% metallic Copper equivalent. This is a wettable granule used as a natural fungicide and bactericide. Labeled for fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals for prevention of numerous leaf diseases, blights, mildews and leaf spots. Use as a protectant for tomato early or late blight. For use on fruit trees such as peach brown rot. The granule size on this WG product is about 1 to 1.2 micron range. There are no issues with shelf life for this product. It will last for ages. Hours to re-entry is 12 hrs.  Hours to harvest is 24 hrs. Also available in a 20 lb bag at a better price per lb.

Question from vineyard about their grapes: I recently had a petiole analysis done for wine vines. The result came back saying critical for copper and foliar apply 0.5 lbs of copper per acre. 

I see that Nordox is 83.9% cuprous oxide. I also see from the label that to use as fungicide ( and I would like to not only add the copper but double up ad one of my preventive sprays for powdery mildew) I should use 1.25 lbs per acre. I wonder if you can help me with the amount I need fir that "0.5 lbs of copper per acre" please. 

From Nordox rep: There’ll always be foliar uptake of copper when applying fixed-copper fungicides. A part of the dissolved copper in the leaf surface “solution” will be taken up by the pathogens present in the leaf surface, but also taken up by the plant (another fraction of dissolved copper will be complexed to other substances or simply washed off by rain). Therefore, we can say that when one is applying fixed-copper fungicides, one is also supplying certain amount of copper as fertilizer. The more soluble the source of copper, the higher the amount of copper that can go inside the plant, therefore increasing the risk of phytotoxicity (toxicity by copper to plants). Cuprous oxide (Nordox copper) solubilizes very slowly, releasing Cu 2+ at a slower rate than other coppers, and therefore optimizing its use by the plant throughout time. 
    We recommend your customer to stick to 1.25 lbs/acre, the recommended amount for use in grapes in USA. This should suffice to correct the amount of copper required by their vines, and also to protect against fungus and bacteria without increasing the risk of phytotoxicity.

general application rate ranges from 1 1/3 tsp to 3 1/2 tsp per 1000 sq ft in 1 gallon of water.

Large-scale application rate averages from 1 to 3 pounds per acre in 100 gallons of water.

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