PreBiotech (4-4-0) Foliar Fertilizer 1 lb Bag

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new-1519623-copy.jpgFrom Agricultural Solutions this micronized formulation of crustacean meal (27% chitin) designed for use as a pre-biotic to improve and prolong the performance of biological fungicides as well as naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. PreBiotech acts a nutrient supplement for plants as well as a food source for beneficial bacteria, including applied biological fungicides such as Double Nickel, Serenade, LifeGuard, Actinovate, Rootshield and others. PreBiotech is an inexpensive way to improve the efficacy of fungicides and biological control by helping your native and beneficial bacteria colonize plant surfaces, making them stronger and less susceptible to disease causing pathogens.  We suggest including 1/4 - 1/2 oz of PreBiotech per gallon of water in all of your foliar applications. 

1-2 lbs/100 gal foliar, 4-5 lbs/100 gal soil applied
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