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On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.
On-site pickups can now be placed online, but please call us to schedule a pickup time.

Entrust SC (22.5% Spinosad) - 1 Quart

  • Organic Status - OMRI Listed


Entrust (22.5% Spinosad: Spinosyn A & D) provides control of a large range of foliage-eating insects. It is derived from the fermentation of a soil bacterium, Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Entrust provides a quick knockdown and residual control through two modes of action: contact and ingestion, disrupting the target's nervous system. Entrust is labeled for most caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle, flea beetles, spotted wing drosophila (SWD), and more.

Entrust is the most concentrated and economical (cost per acre) spinosad available for certified organic growers.

Spray in the evening when bees are not around plants and when there is sufficient time for product to dry and avoid spraying any blooming plants. While highly toxic to bees, data shows that spinosad has greatly decreased toxicity on bees after sprays have dried (about 3 to 16 hours). Spinosad is broken down by sunlight. In sunlight it has a half life of 2 to 16 days on leaves and less than 1 hour in water. Without sunlight, spinosad has a half life of more than 30 days up to 259 days.

4-hour REI. See label for specific pre-harvest intervals and resistance control measures. IRAC Group 5.

Check to make sure product is registered in your state. Click here for links to check product registration.

1.5 - 10 oz per acre or 0.03 - 0.2 oz per gallon, depending on crop, pest, and pest pressure.

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