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Your #1 Source for Organic & Biological Farm Supplies
Your #1 Source for Organic & Biological Farm Supplies

Redmond Selenium 30 Mineral Salt - 50 lb Bag

  • Organic Status - NOT NOP Compliant


This salt is a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals....

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This salt is a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals. Selenium 30 is also fortified with added selenium (30ppm), copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine and zinc. Selenium 30 works especially well for sheep, cattle or horses in selenium-deficient areas. This product is free of chemical processing, preferred by livestock, and helps animals maintain a normal function.

Trace Minerals: Selenium 30 is nature’s perfect balance to nourish your livestock. Selenium 30 comes from an ancient sea salt deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals.
Preferred by Livestock: Animals instinctively crave salt that has naturally occurring trace minerals. Try it in your herd: put any salt or mineral next to Redmond Selenium 30 and see which one your animals choose.
Reduce Your Costs on Custom Mineral Mixes: Selenium 30 has many trace minerals that livestock need. However, because of mineral deficiencies in some soils and feed, you may need to add additional minerals beyond what Redmond Selenium 30 provides.
No Chemical Processing: All of Redmond’s products are unrefined. Whether your approach is organic or conventional, Selenium 30 can help you get back to what you love about raising animals.

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Feeding Rate: Free Choice, or use as part of a mineral mix. Use with caution some animals can be sensitive to selenium.
Not NOP Compliant
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