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Your #1 Source for Organic & Biological Farm Supplies

SaniDate 12.0, 55 gallon drum


SaniDate 12.0 is a high strength, 12% Peracetic Acid-based alternative to chlorine treatments...

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SaniDate 12.0 is a high strength, 12% Peracetic Acid-based alternative to chlorine treatments in irrigation waters. Use SaniDate 12.0 to control water-borne pathogens and prevent the spread of disease among crops in the field. The highly concentrated formula guarantees economical dilution rates.

 SaniDate 12.0 will control algae, bacteria, fungi, and plant pathogenic organisms in drip/trickle irrigation systems, center pivot, lateral move, end tow, side wheel roll, traveler, solid set/overhead sprinklers, hand move or flood basin irrigation systems



SaniDate 12.0 is designed to treat large volumes of water, cost effectively. It can be used in the following applications to eliminate algae, bacteria and fungus in water.

Irrigation Water and Drainage Ditches
SaniDate 12.0 eliminates algae and bacteria in agricultural irrigation water, drainage water, and ditches to stop the spread of disease to growing crops through contaminated water. SaniDate 12.0 will suppress and control algae, bacteria, and fungi on contact.

SaniDate 12.0 can simply be added to the body of water, and will evenly mix throughout the water column. SaniDate 12.0 may also be chemigated into agricultural irrigation systems.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Waters
SaniDate 12.0 treats process waters for fruits and vegetables to control spoilage organisms in water for whole or fresh cut fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables can be sprayed or submerged for a minimum contact time of 45 seconds, followed by adequate draining. SaniDate 12.0 will control the growth of spoilage and decay in process waters and on the surface of fresh cut or post harvest fruits and vegetables.

Recycled Water and Evaporative Cooling Systems
SaniDate 12.0 may be used in all recycled water systems to prevent cross contamination of plant pathogens found in irrigation systems, and may be used in all evaporative and cooling systems to prevent the build up of algae and bacterial slimes.


SaniDate 12.0 works through an oxidation chemical reaction that kills bacteria and fungus. More specifically, SaniDate 12.0 reacts on contact with the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell organisms such as plant pathogens.

OMRI Certificate Full Label with directions,  SDS sheet


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