XenTari BT DF - 1 lb Bag

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BT (Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. Aizawai) is a Biological Insecticide used against listed caterpillars (larvae) of lepidopterous insects, but this one is recognized for safety on bees, and often used in/around beehives for wax moths.

Treat when larvae are young (early instars) before the crop is damaged. Use sufficient spray volume to insure uniform deposition on all plant surfaces. Repeat 3 to 14 days. Can be tank mixed with other labeled insecticides. After ingesting, larvae stop feeding within the hour, and will die within several hours to 3 days. Rate: Varying crop rates so refer to web label for details but the average is 1/4 – 2 lb/acre or 100 gals water.  
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